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    The puppy purchase price guarantees that you will receive a puppy that arrives healthy and sound. We strive to deliver your new bundle of joy to you with ease, by making all the preparations. All you must do is be ready to embrace the new addition to your family. When the puppy is ready to go home, we insure the puppy is healthy, strong, and ready for travel. Rest assured that your new puppy will be handled with care from the moment it is born until he or she leaves our care and is passed on to you.

For the well being of your puppy, the puppy will be shipped no earlier than eight (8) weeks of age and not until the puppy is completely weaned from it's mother and strong enough to travel. Air travel is also subject to weather conditions, and flight availability at both the departing city and arrival city. We do not guarantee that your puppy will be able to travel on any exact date, however we do try our best to arrange the soonest available travel date based on all factors. We ship on weekdays and weekends, when flight reservations are available.

Breaking it down.... the travel fee pays for:

  1. Puppy ground transportation into the departing airport in Oklahoma.

  2. One-Way Airfare to the closest Major International arrival airport nearest to the new owners home.

  3. A travel crate, baby blanket, and puppy starter gift pack.

  4. A vet exam and USDA health certificate just prior to the puppy's departure.

  5. A complete medical record of the puppy showing current vaccines and routine dewormings.

Chihuahua Shipping Prices:

  1. Safe Airline Cargo Shipping within the Continental U.S. Cost is: $450

  2. Ground Transport is available to certain locations. Cost is: $300-$600

  3. VIP Personal On-Board Nanny service available to certain destinations. Cost is: $600 - $850

*An additional fee may apply to shipments to remote areas such as Montana, Wyoming, North & South Dakota, Alaska, and smaller airports.  I'm sorry but we do not ship into Hawaii at this time due to strict animal shipping rules and state imposed requirements.

* Sorry, at this time we can not ship in to Canada or anywhere overseas. Since the pandemic, airlines have restricted many flight destinations for pet transport.

* You may also pick up your puppy by appointment, for no additional charge.

We typically use American Airlines® to ship out our puppies. They have temperature controlled, pressurized cargo cabins for the puppies, and they are superior in handling and caring for live animals. If we are unable to reserve a flight on one of our preferred carrier, then we may use another airline on a rare occasion. 

* Airline travel is always dependent on airline reservation availability and weather permitting.

* Weather restrictions sometimes can delay the puppies arrival. In the event this happens, you will be notified, and we will reschedule the travel arrangements for the next available accommodations.

*All shipping costs, payments, and deposits are non-refundable. Sorry, no exceptions.


We are happy to offer flexible payment plans on puppies who are less than 8 weeks old.


The following payment options are available:

  1. (Our preferred method) You can pay in full up-front using our secure online payment system on the day you first select your new puppy.

  2. You can pay for your puppy a little bit at a time (weekly or bi-weekly) any flexible amount, corresponding with your paydays.

  3. You can break it up in to 2 equal payments.

  4. You can break it up in to 3 equal payments.

  5. You can break it up in to 4 equal payments.


It is your choice!

Reserve your favorite puppy today with only a $300 non-refundable puppy deposit.

All puppies must be paid in full prior to 7 weeks old.

Sorry, we do not accept checks, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, or any other payment Apps. Please review our accepted payment methods in our payment section on this page.

Sorry, we DO NOT offer a pay at pick-up option. In the past we did this and as a result ended up having several people that did not pick-up their puppies. Re-listing and finding homes at an older age is much more challenging. We ask that you pay for your puppy before it is ready to go home. Please review our payment options above.

If your puppy requires airline shipping, all balances must be paid in full prior to any travel arrangements can be made. Since we make travel bookings 7 days prior to the going home date, all payments must be completed by the puppies 7 week old birthday.


Pet airline shipping is very busy in this region, so please allow a minimum of 7-10 days for the airline travel arrangements to be made once your full payment is received.


Airlines do not accept pet reservations prior to 7 days in advance. On occasion, when space is available we can also get them booked on short notice. Once payment in full is received, we will start booking the puppy's travel arrangements 1 week prior to your puppy's going home date.


We have a no refund policy. All shipping costs, puppy payments, taxes, and puppy deposits are non-refundable. Sorry, no exceptions.


We offer the following convenient payment methods:

  1. Mastercard

  2. Visa

  3. American Express

  4. Debit Card (from most banks)

  5. Apple Pay

  6. Google Pay

  7. Good Dog Payments

  8. U.S. Postal issued money orders

  9. Cash (Not responsible for loss if mailed)

We use a small business payment system to process all cards. This is a secure server and 100% safe.

We can send you an invoice to pay privately and securely online from your own home or office, or we can also accept cards by phone. 

You will immediately receive a receipt of your payment upon payment via email.

We do not accept Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, or any other payment Apps.

Sorry, we do not accept checks or other forms of payment.

* 3.75% Sales tax is applied to all online purchases. (Regardless of your own states non-tax status. )


Our puppy deposit is $300 USD. 

This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to another person.


*In the event that something life threatening happens to your chosen puppy while still in our care, and prior to going home or being picked-up, in that case we will offer you another puppy (when one is available) either from the same litter or the next available litter.

*In the event that you can no longer welcome a puppy in to your home as anticipated when you placed your deposit, then we will gladly move you to our next waiting list and give you a credit and move you to our next waiting list to select a puppy from a future litter (pending availability.)


*Puppy deposits are good for up to 1 year from the date payment is made.  After 1 year if no puppy purchase is completed, all deposits, payments, and the purchase agreement are considered null and VOID and no longer applicable.

*Sorry, no refunds on deposits, payments, or tax. No exceptions.

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